Re: Recommendation for Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas

Please note that for our Okonite CV & Rewind Building projects in Orangeburg, South Carolina Denham Blythe subcontracted to Buchanan Concrete (BCC) for turn-key concrete construction (footings, foundation walls, slabs, and tilt-up walls). These projects included 155,000 SF of 12" heavily reinforced slabs and 15,000 SF of concrete tilt-walls. I would like to stress that our experiences with BCC could not have been more positive. Friendly, professional, and efficient services were provided from the sales and front end of the project through project execution and close-out. Due to our positive experiences and impressions of BCC, they are "first on our list" when we are searching for concrete contractors for southeast region projects.

Should you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 859-255-7405 or [email protected]

Sincerely, Michael E. Patterson, Project Manager


Re: Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas

It brings me great pleasure to write this letter on behalf of Choate Construction Company expressing our appreciation for the many years of quality service received from your organization. Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas, Inc. has proven to be an efficient, reliable, and safe team member time and time again, ultimately playing a key role in solidifying our reputation for exceeding our client’s expectations. As you are well aware, our reputation hinges on delivering the highest quality buildings at a great value (and typically under an aggressive schedule). Your organization has repeatedly proven dedicated to meeting our aggressive schedules without sacrificing safety or the quality that has made your firm successful. Last, but not least, we appreciate the friendly working relationship that our two organizations have shared over the years. There will always be obstacles to overcome in construction, but it sure helps to have a team member who is truly committed to seeing beyond their scope of work to the “big picture” and ultimately to the projects overall success. We look forward to continuing to build upon this successful relationship with Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas, Inc. well into the future.

Sincerely, Andy Reinhardt, Project Manager


To whom it may concern,
Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas, Inc. has provided concrete services for a number of Duke Projects in the Raleigh Market. Their scope of work has included footings, slabs on grade, elevated slabs, site concrete, horizontal concrete paving, equipment pads, and all other miscellaneous concrete related items. My experience with Buchanan Concrete has proven that they are a reliable and honest company that provides quality concrete services with integrity. Lenovo was a two building project with a one building schedule. Buchanan Concrete had an amazing impact on completing the schedule on time. The elevated slabs were some of the most level slabs our project superintendent (who worked in concrete prior to becoming a superintendent) had ever seen. Numerous changes required constant patching of cut slabs, which were completed very quickly and allowed us to build walls and install finishes on time. A custom reception desk was also furnished by Buchanan, in which they built a custom radius form to cast the desk. Overall, Buchanan Concrete was an integral part in completing Lenovo on time. RTI International was the second project I work on with Buchanan Concrete. Their scope of work included footings for a 120,000SF LEED Gold Building and a 4-story parking deck, elevated slabs, site concrete, cast in place retaining walls, a central utility plant footings and slab, horizontal concrete paving, and miscellaneous equipment pads and concrete washes. All of their scope items were completed on time and with the best quality. Buchanan is also a knowledgeable LEED contractor, and was once again one of the driving forces on completing this project on time. Buchanan Concrete is highly respected in the Raleigh Market for their willingness to help anyone at anytime. They have been instrumental in our projects, and we have now expanded their scope to include tilt wall projects. Buchanan’s project manager, Mike Talbot, is very diligent in his paperwork, easily reachable, and is honest and easy to work with. Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas, Inc. has done an excellent job on the Duke Projects in Raleigh, and I highly recommend them for any concrete job for any project.

Sincerely,Matt Wall, LEED AP, Project Manager


Mr. Brian Buchanan of Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas Re: Baton Rouge West Distribution Center

Dear Brian, On behalf of Premier Design + Build Group, LLC, I wanted to thank you personally for the excellent job that Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas did on the Baton Rouge West Distribution Center Project. Alan and I will always remember when we flew to Charlotte to meet you and your team. We were very concerned about being able to find subcontractors (for all trades) that could be cost-effective while maintaining the quality that we demand on our projects. At that meeting we immediately felt Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas was the perfect fit for the team, which obviously proved to be the case. Your crew's work ethic, attention to detail and efficiency were exceptional throughout the entire project. As you know, we predominantly utilize precast concrete wall panels on our projects. The finish of your field-finished product matched that of the factory controlled products we are accustomed to... The panels (and flatwork) look phenomenal! Should you need a reference of any kind in the future, please direct them to me as I will be more than happy to sing the praises of Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas to them. We look very forward to working with you and your team in the years to come.

Very Truly Yours, Brian G. Paul, Member and Vice President

Duke Construction, 1800 Perimeter Park Drive, Morrisville, NC 27560,(phone) 919-461-8037, (fax) 919-461-8090

Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas | Re: Buchanan Concrete's Performance

The following is a short summary of our dealings with Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas, Inc. concerning our first project together, the Two Five Story 366,080 square foot Lenovo USA United States Headquarters office complex. Initially we had concerns of the volume of work and the aggressive schedule contractually the project demanded. During the Scope Meeting, numerous questions were posed concerning experience, manpower, and company strength. In the meeting Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas responded to all questions in a positive manner and gave a feeling of competence to Duke Construction. Therefore, they were selected as the concrete subcontractor for this international looked at project. Work commenced as dictated by the schedule. The foundations were completed ahead of schedule inclusive of uncovered sub-soil conditions that required partial redesign. After completion of the Building #1 foundation, Duke Construction opted not to proceed with the anchor bolt survey for Building #2 seeing as the first anchor bolt survey showed a deviation of 1/8" from design location, well within accepted tolerances. Elevated slabs, slab on grade, miscellaneous pads and stair towers proceeded incident free as with the foundations. Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas did not solicit any additional Change Orders for their work other than those that were Scope Changes and generated by Duke Construction or our designers. In summary, I would highly recommend you to consider Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas, Inc. for any project. regardless of size, that you may have within their working area.

I trust that you will have the same positive impression that I have.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to call me.

Dean A. Cinque, Project Manager