At an early age, J D (Buck) Buchanan hitchhiked his way out of the mountains of North Carolina and began a journey of experiences that would lead him into concrete services. As a teenager, young Buck started ‘mixing mud’ for masonry crews. He went on to serve in the U S Merchant Marines then spent several years with a friend moving around the country working in construction. In his early twenties, Buck made his way back to North Carolina where he settled in Gastonia and began raising his family. He was working on the Cowans Ford Dam project at Lake Norman in the 1960s, when he found opportunity to start his own concrete business. Pouring driveways and small commercial building pads locally started the name association of 'Buchanan' with 'Concrete'. Reputation provided Buchanan a pathway to build numerous long-lasting business relationships. Buck was awarded his first significant commercial contract for Sun Oil Company … with many more to follow.

Often spending the day with his dad on a project, young Brian Buchanan found creative ways to pass the time and began leaving his footprints in concrete. Buck’s empire continued growing and by the mid-eighties, Buchanan had a large skilled labor workforce. While business was thriving, Buck set up a small roadside fruit and vegetable stand for his teenage son Brian. Every other day, a run was made to the Farmer’s Market outside of Columbia. Loading as much as they could, the fresh fruits & vegetables were transported to their stand where Brian attracted many loyal patrons. Soon enough, they were able to personally build a lucrative convenience store where nearly all locals stopped regularly.

At Little Buck’s convenience store, Brian Buchanan developed his business skills and his natural gift of customer relations. With an interest to start his own concrete company, Brian established ‘Brian Buchanan Concrete’ … the business now known throughout the Carolinas as ‘Buchanan Concrete’. Starting small and local, Brian gained a financial base, management experience, and an excellent reputation. Work scopes included light commercial and residential until a long-term connection was made with David Russell (our Operations Manager) and James Harmon (our Project Executive) while they managed the Building Division of a Charlotte based General Contractor in the 1990’s.

The relationship was fitting and Brian Buchanan was able to show off his stuff on the heavy industrial stage. Over the years, Buchanan performed above expectations on numerous heavy projects including: PYA Monarch, Fuji Film, Broad River Energy, Catawba Nuclear Plant, several Duke Energy projects, and numerous Phillip Morris additions. Over this period of time, Brian built up his crews & equipment profile, developed dozens of properties, and purchased several buildings. He brought on Kim Edwards (our Controller) to manage financials and Drew Henry (our Project Manager) for estimating and directing multiple tilt-up distribution centers. After 30+ years managing heavy concrete projects and general construction, David Russell joined Buchanan Concrete in 2010. Four years later, James Harmon joined Buchanan Concrete with 18+ years of experience in commercial and industrial construction management. These are only a few of the key employees brought to balance our office and field operations. Today, Buchanan operates at the highest level of concrete service.

Buchanan Concrete of the Carolinas, Inc. has performed hundreds of turn-key concrete projects throughout the Southeast. Our pattern of quality work, completed on-time, and within budget enabled Buchanan to develop many long-lasting relationships. Please don’t hesitate to contact our references and qualify your decision to contract with Buchanan. Working with Buchanan Concrete has advantages: we save GCs money in timely execution of projects, CAD/3D surveying, negligible changes, and the systematic approach of our experienced teams. At Buchanan, our seasoned professionals focus on providing the project managers with the intended results while remaining ahead of their construction schedule.

Safety Ratings:  2016 EMR = 0.74   |   2015 EMR = 0.85   |   2014 EMR = 0.85   |   Bonding Capacity +/- $20,000,000

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